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Kicking off ZAPD sales and marketing conference 2020 will be Paul Tansey, Managing Director of Dorset marketing agency Intergage. He will be talking about getting you more, warmer sales leads.

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Based in Poole, Paul started working at Intergage in 2003 and became MD in 2006. Having reinvented themselves over the past two decades, Intergage sees itself as a Dorset business helping other Dorset businesses with sales and marketing.

We caught up with Paul to find out more about what he’s planning on covering in his slot at ZAPD conference later this year.

Intergage has evolved over the past two decades – what have you learnt from this?

“You never know where business is going to take you. We started out as a software company, then we were a training company, then a digital and web agency, an outsourced marketing resource and now we are specialists in marketing automation. Our services have always been linked, but we have had to adapt our pricing structure, our main product offerings and key messages along the way. You need to be able to recognise when the market is changing and you have to be brave to adapt and go in new directions.”

Obviously you have kept the Intergage brand strong, even with changes. Do you have any advice for marketers who might be feeling they need some inspiration?

Buyer behaviour has massively changed over the past 15 years and this has changed the sales team. I think every business needs the ability to change, but the ones that are successful are those that aren’t afraid to review their strategy and then put a plan in action to fulfil the new aims – even if there are tight deadlines, lots of competition, and the messaging is completely different to that of your established brand.

Why did you want to get involved with ZAPD conference?

I love speaking about the changes in the marketing space, challenging new thinking and inspiring the next marketing talent. Nowadays, marketing needs to be slicker and that is where we see the potential of automation. For some companies, they are ready to jump on board now and be ready for the future. For others, there is much education to do and a lot of getting your house in order. In my talk, I am going to cover how you can generate warmer sales leads at less cost, and I’m going to explain the thinking behind our marketing automation checklist. I am really looking forward to it!

Paul will be speaking in the morning at ZAPD conference on the 14th May 2020. Prior to this, he’s in training for a charity boxing match in aid of the Youth Cancer Trust. You can sponsor Paul here.

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